Q: This is my first time shipping with your company. What should I do?

A: Please visit our “Registration” section and fill out the form.

This will provide us with the information we need to create a profile for you. It is important that you choose one name (your name or your company) and always use the same one in every order you make. This will ensure that everything will be received under one profile (Note: This will ensure that all your items ship under one bill of lading and avoids duplication of charges). After you have received a confirmation that your profile has been created, you may then start using our services (Note: skipping this step can prevent your order from shipping and delay delivery). Simply make your purchases and, in the ‘ship to’ information, put your name and our address with the following uptons:

John/Jane Doe
9643 NW 33rd St
Miami, FL 33192

John/Jane Doe
C/O Bon Trade Intl.
9643 NW 33 Street
Miami, FL 33192

Option3: When you have more than one destination (Aruba, Curacao and/or St. Maarten)
John/Jane Doe
C/O Your agent’s name (example: Anper (Curacao) / Shoreline (Aruba))
9643 NW 33 Street
Miami, FL 33192

It is not necessary to include the name Bon Trade Intl. Corp. You may do so if you wish, but YOUR name must appear in the ‘ship to’ information for us to identify your order. Adding the destination is quite helpful and avoids mistakes when names are very similar. Also make sure that we receive a copy of the invoice, without which we cannot ship the cargo. (We highly suggest using distinctive names for different destinations) Once your order has been entered into the system, you will automatically receive an e-mail notification. If we did not receive an invoice it will be requested in that e-mail. Note: We receive many orders which cannot be identified due to missing information. In these cases you will not receive an e-mail and this delays the shipping process. Conventional system and still an option: In the shipping industry it customary to send shipping instructions to the carrier in the form of an Airway Bill of a BIll of Lading. If your order is delivered with shipping instructions it is the best way to ensure proper handling of your order!

You will also receive a cargo tracking invitation the first time you ship with us if we have your e-mail address, so you may enter the Magaya Cargo System account and view orders that have arrived, as well as pickup orders requested and other helpful tracking information, including shipping history. And you will also be able to view scanned copies of all the documentation we received. If you are billed directly by BON Trade Intl (not through an agent) you will also be able to see your invoices.

Note: You May also request pictures and view them by logging in and clicking on the individual delivery receipts.

Q: How long will it take for my order to get to Aruba or Curacao?

A: If your cargo reaches us before the deadline and has an invoice, it will leave the same week (sailings are every Friday). The transit time is usually 5 to 6 days, depending on the carrier schedule, to reach the destination. Allow an additional 2-3 days for Customs clearance, to be unloaded and available at our agent’s warehouse. Our system also allows you to track the arrival, departure, and progress of your orders to Curacao.

Note: Please see the detailed instructions on our website on how to access your account in our system.

Q: When is your deadline/cutoff?

A: The deadline is Wednesday at 12pm.

Note: Cargo received after the cutoff is on a first –come-first-served basis for that week. If an order does not arrive before this cut-off, we cannot guarantee that the cargo will leave the same week. If the cargo is received without an invoice and/or necessary documentation (Hazardous Material documents, etc) delays are created which will prevent us from dispatching the order expeditiously, and may even cause long delays.

Q: I have placed a few orders. Can you hold my packages until everything arrives so that they can leave all together?

A: Bon Trade International does not operate as a fulfillment service and we cannot manage your orders in that manner!

We can place your order on ”HOLD” as an added service for which we charge a minimal fee. (Note: Please consult us regarding our fees as prices can change without prior notice.) Placing an order on hold requires your authorization, and taking it “OFF HOLD” is your responsibility.

Clarification of “CARGO ON HOLD” Policy:
Bon Trade International provides a service similar to UPS and Federal Express. Once the cargo enters the system it is processed and shipped. (Note: As with UPS and FedEx shipping instructions need to be provided when cargo is tendered!)

Fulfillment services are services provided by companies that handle your orders by following specific instructions (e.g.: a. Receive orders A, B, C,..; b. Pick orders, pack and ship; c. Label my cargo a certain way and ship by a certain date, etc.). These are not services we provide as a company. Special requests are handled as a courtesy and we endeavor to do so at no cost to you, whenever possible. If special handling services are required we may not be the right company for your operations and you may want to seek fulfillment services. Holding arriving orders and making sure that they ship together, or that the invoice used covers the cargo shipped, etc. are fulfillment services that require much attention and focus. They are taxing of resources and can carry considerable costs to provide. Expecting fulfillment services from any logistical operations that does not provide them will result in disappointment and unreliable outcomes.

Magaya Live Track requirements

Magaya’s Live Track is an ActiveX application that runs within Microsoft Internet Explorer and other browsers. It empowers a logistics provider with the ability to offer real-time updates of the services they are offering to their customers as those services are being processed. The detailed information includes, but is not limited to, warehouse receipts, pick-up orders, Airway Bills, Bills of Lading, and even invoices.

Q: I am buying a vehicle in the U.S.A. What do I need to do?

A: Due to Federal Regulations and requirements self propelled motor vehicles have more details to consider when being exported outside of U.S. territory.

You need to know which port you want to export your vehicle from. Bon Trade Intl can extend vehicle export handling services from South Florida ports (Port of Miami, Miami River, Port Everglades, and Port of West Palm Beach). To process the vehicle you need the following documents:

1. For title property such as automobiles, trucks, etc. you need the vehicle title (from any state) or official State or Federal documentation representing the vehicle, and confirming ownership. A manufacturers statement of origin (MSO) will also be accepted in the case of new vehicles. (Note: None title vehicles such as loaders, lift trucks (forklifts), etc. require an invoice from the supplier showing notarized signatures of the seller, or his representative, and buyer, or his

2. A letter of authorization from the buyer, when being purchased in the name of an organization, or a Power of Attorney, when being purchased in the name of an individual. Note: Both documents are available on this website with instructions on how to complete.

3. A copy of an I.D.

Note: The most accepted I.D. is a passport, but U.S. Customs will also accept official I.D’s such as a driver license.
NOTE: Only original vehicle documents and original Letters of Authorization, or Powers of Attorney, are accepted by U.S. Customs in South Florida.
*: Please read vehicle handling policies in the ‘ABOUT’ section of this website for more information on vehicle shipping and handling.

In order to handle your vehicle we would need the described documents and control of the vehicle for pickup and delivery to the port. A quote would be provided for all services, upon request, and prepayment may be required for a part or all of our services.

Q: My order was delivered to Bon Trade Intl. and the delivery documents were stamped “NOT PACKED FOR EXPORT.” What does this mean?

A: We have found that the majority of suppliers, and some manufacturers, are not aware of the conditions that merchandise/cargo is exposed to while in transit and being exported. This can range from furniture with no protection whatever to cargo that seems to be well protected and padded but that does not hold up to being manipulated in transit or falls apart when handled.

Cargo must have minimal protection to absorb shock and to avoid getting bruised or scratched when being handled, or from minor vibration and shifting, which is normal in transit.

When Bon Trade Intl. adds the condition of “NOT PACKED FOR EXPORT” upon delivery to our warehouse it means that we are not responsible for handling damage to your
merchandise! This can mean very little for a used differential assembly, but very significant for an improperly packed television or furniture.

Since handling of cargo can be stressful to the piece(s) being handled it must have sufficient protection to afford it safe passage from its point of origin to its destination. Once we stamp your merchandise “NOT PACKED FOR EXPORT” it becomes part of our agreement to move the merchandise in question. If the delivering carrier or attendant is not in agreement with our assessment the cargo can be removed at time of delivery.

Note: If it is decided that the cargo will be repacked we will assist in this process. If the cargo has to be removed for this purpose it may incur In&Out charges to be release.

Q: Bon Trade Intl. refused to receive my cargo. Under what conditions can this happen?

A: Bon Trade Intl. can refuse to receive cargo if it is determined that this is the best of action.

NOTE: Our policy is to reject cargo if it is absolutely necessary to do so, and it is the last option on our list. However, we may find ourselves compelled to act in this manner under the following conditions:

1. Our warehouse is physically unable to accept an order due to size or weight of the order. If the order is too heavy for our equipment, too large for the warehouse doors or to fit in a container we are unable to receive it and may have to redirect delivery to the port of export, or a facility that can receive the order.

Note: Since delivery appointments are required for an order greater than 2 pallets in size this condition should not exist. However, since appointments are not always requested, as they should be, we have to face the reality that this does happen and has to be addressed in the proper manner.

2. If the cargo being delivered is damaged or strongly suspected of having been mishandled by the carrier making the delivery to our warehouse we may opt to refuse the order in our endeavor to protect the consignee and to protect our own interests.

Note: Due to our experience in the International logistics industry we, unfortunately, find that this action is sometimes required and we hope that our customers will see this as an act intended to benefit them and their interests.

3. If cargo is delivered against payment for the merchandise or freight, and Bon Trade Intl. has not previously been requested or authorized to make payment, the order may not be received for this reason.

Note: It has repeatedly happened that merchandise and freight charges that were prepaid by our customer were again being collected upon delivery. For this reason and the fact that we do not accept C.O.D. or collect deliveries unless authorized, we request that our customer be understanding when we do not accept such an order.

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