Policies pertaining to container loading of vehicles.

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January 2016 updates that affect the terms of our service for container loading of vehicles + vendor charges that ‘could’ affect future handling charges of container loaded vehicles.

We have studied the cargo that we are requested to load with your vehicles and have found that we need to clarify what is included in the service we offer.

As you know we offer to load containers with 1,2, 3 or 4 vehicles.  We include the loading of parts in the container to help you reduce shipping costs.  It is your container and you are paying for the space inside.  However, when the nature of the cargo, the volume of items and the number of deliveries are greater than the service is geared for we have to charge for the additional time and effort to handle your vehicles and cargo.  For this reason please be informed of the following charges that may, or may not, apply to you:

  1. More than 10 deliveries for 1 vehicle container will incur a charge of $ 7.50 per delivery exceeding the 10 deliveries included in the fees we are presently charging.

Note: Each vehicle counts as 1 delivery.

  1. Exceeding 150 cubic feet of cargo, not including the vehicles, will incur a charge of

$ 0.50 per cubic foot. (items loaded in vehicles at time of delivery are not counted as part of this volume).

Note: 150 cubic feet will fit under the tilted vehicles and behind the last vehicle if not delivered in large pieces (such as pallets and D-containers, which we do NOT recommend for vehicle containers.)

*: Please deliver, or have delivered, all items for your vehicle container in small to medium size boxes to make sure they can fit under the vehicles.

  1. We are not responsible for damage to parts that are delivered without proper export packaging.  This applies to new and used parts, especially glass and body parts.

Note: Insurance is available for new parts shipped in your container.

  1. Vehicles received in a condition other than ‘roll and brake’ (e.g. stuck drive train or missing wheels, etc.) may incur additional handling charges depending on the additional time required to load them.
  1. Vehicles that arrive with excessive fluid leaks may incur cleanup charges depending on the severity of the condition.

Note: We presently put an absorbent pad under the vehicles that can absorb up 3/4 gallon of fluids to avoid problems with carrier/steamship line rejection of containers due to hazardous leaks!


The yard where the vehicles are taken, before being loaded at our warehouse, has been so congested, and the time that the average vehicle remains there has been so long, that a storage fee will be assessed, by the yard, in the amount of $ 5.00 per day (including weekends) after the vehicle has been at the yard for 30 days.

This charge will commence on all vehicles that have been requested and arrive at the yard as of February 1st, 2016.

Note: Vehicles purchased in the South Florida area that cannot remain at its origin till ready for loading will incur an $ 80.00 charge to be picked up and taken to the yard.  After which the same 30 day policy will apply.  This $ 80.00 charge is only for local vehicles and does not affect vehicles picked up beyond the South Florida area.

NOTE: Please also note that any vehicle delivery to our facilities has to be by appointment.

IMPORTANT: We do not have vehicle storage at our loading facility and vehicles received here have to be coordinated to be loaded right away.

Most of our customers will not be affected by these new terms and most of them can be easily avoided to prevent any increase to your vehicle loading charges.

We are honored to have you as our customers and thank you for your attention..

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