It is our mission at Bon Trade Intl. to provide a consistent service to our customers of the highest possible quality. It is for this reason that we must observe policies that contribute to the consistency of our service. Please review them below and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

General Cargo Policies

  1. Cargo receiving hours are from Monday through Friday and 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  1. All cargo tendered for export must comply with the following requirements:
  1. Must be properly packed for export. Any cargo sustaining damage due to improper protection will not be the responsibility of Bon Trade Intl. and/or its agent(s). *
  1. Must be properly identified as to whom will be receiving the cargo overseas. *
  1. Must be accompanied by an invoice/bill of sale specifying value for Customs clearance overseas, determination of value for transportation, and to determine export reporting requirements as set forth by U.S regulations. *
  1. Any labeling and/or packing that is deemed necessary by Bon Trade Intl, after receipt of cargo will, be for the account of the consignee.

*: Requirements marked with a star are the responsibility of the shipper. In the event that Bon Trade Intl. must do research, or otherwise expend office time to correct a deficiency, we reserve the right to collect service fees by attaching these to the cargo in question and collecting from the consignee, or the shipper in the event the consignee cannot be collected from.

  1. The added cost of labeling and/or packing that is deemed necessary by Bon trade Intl.

NOTE: Meeting these requirements will prevent delays and expedite the process of shipping and delivery overseas.

NOTE2: Shipping delays due to missing documentation will not be the responsibility of Bon Trade Intl. Corp.

  1. Any Cargo tendered to our warehouse for shipping will be processed as quickly as possible and shipped in the next possible container. Sorting and grouping of cargo to ship in the same container will be the responsibility of the shipper and/or the consignee.
  1. All cargo tendered for shipping is intended for export processing and shipping. Cargo requested to be released, for any reason, by any parties, will incur in&out charges with a minimum of $ 15.00 per cargo release, $ 5.00 per dock receipt and/or a minimum of $ 0.25 per cubic foot, whichever is greater. Any charges incurred on behalf of the cargo in question must also be cancelled prior to the release of the cargo.

Note: Cargo delivered to our warehouse is accepted for shipping overseas or for loading in customers’ containers. Since our facilities are not geared towards operating as a storage facility nor as a mailbox service we will have to request customers who utilize us for this purpose, on a regular basis, to secure this type of service from different service providers.

  1. Cargo remaining in our warehouse for more than 3 weeks will incur storage charges.
  1. Bon Trade Intl. Corp. strives to observe and obey all U.S. laws affecting the transport of cargo. Any customer violating these rules, or exhibiting shipping practices contrary to these rules, may be refused service.
  1. Bon trade Intl. does not provide packing services. However, crating services can be subcontracted and must be quoted on an individual basis.
  1. Any cargo left unclaimed in our warehouse for more than 6 months will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of in any way that Bon Trade Intl. management sees fit.
  1. All cargo deliveries exceeding 2 pallets in size will require a delivery appointment. Failure to obtain a delivery appointment may result in delays and/or refusal to receive cargo until such time that a delivery appointment is obtained. Expenses incurred by the shipper/exporter due to the failure to obtain a delivery appointment are for the account of the shipper/exporter or consignee based on their agreement.
  1. Due to physical limitations at the Bon Trade Intl. warehouse we must set the following delivery requirements:
  1. Cargo must be delivered at dock height since no ramp is available to unload cargo at street level.
  1. Cargo wider than 105” cannot be received due to warehouse entry limitations.
  1. Cargo exceeding 99” in height cannot be loaded in a regular High cube container and will have to be delivered directly to the port of export for shipping as units.
  1. Shipping pieces exceeding 4,000 Lbs. in weight may present challenges that do not allow us to receive and ship them via our warehouse. For this reason we request consulting with our offices before attempting delivery. Exceptions may apply to trailers and other equipment on wheels. However, width and height limitations will apply in those instances in the order of 99” in height and 89 inches in width.

Note: Please consult with our office before delivery is attempted!

Vehicle Handling Policies

  1. A delivery appointment is required for all vehicles to Bon Trade Intl. Corp. Vehicles will not be received without an appointment!
  1. Salvage vehicles that do not roll and brake, or cannot otherwise be moved without mechanical assistance, may require the use of a high capacity lift truck. Such vehicles may be redirected to an alternate delivery address and needs to be arranged in advance

Note: Additional charges may apply.

  1. Vehicle pickup in the contiguous 48 states of the U.S.A. can be arranged with Bon Trade Intl. (please request a rate schedule by e-mail.) However, a minimum of 5 working days (Monday to Friday) must be allowed for pickup. Note: Vehicles in Dade and Broward counties, near Port Everglades, FL and South to Cutler Ridge are considered local and can be picked up without incurring added local charges. Note2: Vehicles delivered by shippers directly to the port of export will save $ 75.00 in handling charges.
  1. Vehicles that can be loaded in an Ocean Export container can be delivered to Bon Trade Intl. for shipping. Any vehicles that cannot be loaded in a container, due to size or weight limitations, must be delivered directly to the port of export. If not possible special arrangements need to be made for pickup and/or delivery to the port of export.
  1. A letter of authorization (organizations), or power of attorney (personal use), must be provided to Bon Trade Intl. for the proper processing of vehicles. The forms to be used are available in the “Forms” section of this website.

Note: Vehicles not received with the proper documents may incur shipping delays. If said documents are not received within 5 working days storage charges may be incurred. Any delays due to improper documentation will not be the responsibility of Bon Trade Intl.

  1. Due to United States Customs Regulations, no vehicle is allowed to be loaded with more that ¼ of fuel per tank. Bon Trade Intl. will have to apply a fee of $25.00 for each vehicle containing more that ¼ of fuel per tank, in order to drain/empty vehicles from fuel prior to loading.
  1. A $ 50.00 fee will apply to any vehicle which has to be released back the shipper and not processed for export after delivery has been made to Bon Trade Intl. Corp. Note: Vehicle that have already been delivered to the port (containerized or not) will incur additional charges if removed without shipping after 5 days.. Terms and conditions for request form (pickups).
  1. Upon requesting a vehicle pickup you agree to the terms and conditions set forth on our rate schedule page. You also agree to pay all charges associated with the transport and handling of the vehicle. Note: Vehicles must be paid in full upon requesting pickup from Bon Trade Intl.
  1. If the vehicle is not released by the supplier, at time of pickup, due to any problems related to the buyer’s account, all expenses associated with the failed pickup attempt will be for the account of the owner of the vehicle.
  1. In the event that the condition of the vehicle is such that additional handling is required (use of a flat bed truck, etc.) expenses incurred will be added to the total charged to the customer without prior consultation of the vehicle owner. This requirement is imposed since these expenses are unavoidable and consulting the buyer, in almost all cases, will serve to increase delays and thereby add unnecessary expenses such as storage and the like.
  1. A minimum of 5 working days (Monday to Friday) is required for vehicle pickups. Additional time may be required depending on location, vehicle conditions and/or weather conditions. Note: Please make sure enough time is allowed for vehicle pickup without the accrual of storage charges since Bon Trade Intl. will not be responsible for storage, or other related charges, if conditions are not within our control..

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