Full container loads

Getting rates from the best carrier for a particular service can be quite challenging.

Bon Trade International specializes in obtaining very competitive quotes from multiple carriers and giving you the best rates possible at any point in time. Due to our contracts with carriers, and the carrier networks we have access to, we frequently offer rates that you cannot obtain even after polling every carrier in the market. Depending on your requirements container service may need to be slow and inexpensive, fast and competitive or somewhere in between. Our goal is to provide the best service for “YOUR” needs!

Vehicle Shipping

Shipping a vehicle from the U.S.A. to somewhere outside the country can be a challenging proposition due to Federal Regulations www.cbp.gov

Getting your vehicle legally processed through U.S. Customs is our goal. Doing so efficiently and expeditiously is our promise.

With 30 years of experience we put all our resources and knowledge to work for YOU!
Your vehicle can be picked up around the contiguous 48 United States at competitive rates and usually within 5 working days. We offer container loading of vehicles for more information.

Federal Express

DO NOT ship with Federal Express at retail prices!

We can honestly say that in almost 30 years of shipping packages by air internationally we have not found a company with better service, and with better offices overseas, than FedEx.

With our Federal Express rates and our ability to negotiate extremely competitive spot rates, we can help you get FedEx service at the lowest rates available.

for a great rate with FedEx or to receive more information.

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