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Shipping Vehicles by Sea Internationally: What you need to know?

How do you make sure that you are choosing the best provider to ship your car by sea? Knowing the ‘what,’when,’ and ‘where’ will help you choose the right ‘who’ to ship your vehicles with.  Having the right professional assistance with Shipping vehicles by sea can save time and money!


Your “International Vehicle Shipping by Sea” Knowledge Checklist

Shipping motorcycles by sea internationally What vehicle are you shipping?

This is the first and most important question when it comes to shipping vehicles by sea. A motorbike and a motor home, while both being vehicles, need different arrangements! It is important for the shipper to know exactly what type of vehicle you are shipping.

Shipping vehicles by sea can be tricky and vary considerably from one vehicle category to the next.

Is it a new vehicle or is it used?

Is it a salvage vehicle and what documentation does it have? Can it be exported as is?
Some shipping companies will deny transport for certain types of vehicles. Yet, companies like Bon Trade don’t discriminate. They will ship new, used, and salvage vehicles to your desired destination.

Motorhome shipping by sea

When are you planning on shipping it?

What time of the year do you plan on shipping your vehicles by sea?
This is a key piece of information that influences the shipping process. The cost of fuel, the weather and business volume all shift throughout the year. This can have a direct impact on the requirements for the shipping of your vehicle.

Will your vehicle be loose or in a container?
Not all carriers allow you to ship vehicles loose.  They may only accept container loaded vehicles . So, you may want to consider using a shipping company that gives you the flexibility of both options. It can make a difference in the cost of shipping.

Salvage vehicle shipping by sea
Salvage vehicle tilt loaded in a container
Where are you shipping your vehicles?

There are many shipping companies that ship vehicles by sea, but do they go where you need them to?
Are you sending them to the Caribbean, Asia or somewhere in between? Sometimes, it can be a challenge to get your cargo to the right port. Using a shipper that specializes in delivering to your specific destination is the best way to get expedient and economical service.

Are you looking to ship vehicles to the Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao or Sint Maarten? Look for companies with regular service to these destinations.

With decades of experience, Bon Trade’s regular service to Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten is like clockwork.

tractor shipping by sea

Who will be shipping your vehicles by sea?


Understanding the ‘what,’ ‘when’ and ‘where’ of your vehicle shipping needs makes it easier to choose the right transport company. Outside of the safe transport of your vehicle, they should make the experience of shipping your vehicles by sea enjoyable and stress free.

Bon Trade has been shipping vehicles to the Caribbean for decades. The ABC Islands, (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) and Sint Maarten are all regularly serviced by their shipping and delivery routes. They have the benefit of familiarity and the relationships built over the years. This allows them to tackle the details while you sit back and wait for the delivery.

Reach out to Bon Trade Int’l  today to see how they can help you with your maritime vehicle shipping needs.


January 2016 updates that affect the terms of our service for container loading of vehicles + vendor charges that ‘could’ affect future handling charges of container loaded vehicles. We have studied the cargo that we are requested to load with your vehicles and have found that we need to clarify what is included in the service we offer. As you know we offer to load containers with 1,2, 3 or 4 vehicles.  We include the loading of parts in the container to help you reduce shipping costs.  It is your container and you are paying for the space inside.  However, when the nature of the cargo, the volume of items and the number of deliveries are greater than the service is geared for we have to charge for the additional time and effort to handle your vehicles and cargo.

Bon Trade Intl. Corp. was founded in 1984 to be a service company in support of the export trade to the Caribbean from South Florida, The Gateway to the Caribbean and South America.

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