Container Shipping to the Dutch Caribbean

July 18, 2021 Ocean Cargo

Container Shipping to the ABC Islands and Sint Maarten: 5 Questions to Ask


Keep these questions in mind when choosing an ocean freight service to save you money, time and headaches when doing  container shipping to the Caribbean.


There are as many reasons you would need to use container shipping to the Caribbean as there are grains of sand on the beautiful beaches of the ABC islands. You may need to use container shipping to the Dutch Caribbean to ship goods for business purposes or maybe to ship a vehicle. You could also be an individual shipping a package or sharing a shipping container (LCL services) with other customers to get consumable goods delivered.
Container shipping to the Caribbean
Why you need these services are just one of the important factors that you want to consider before choosing an ocean freight provider. Ask yourself and your container shipping company these 5 questions to make sure that you are making the best choice. Remember, you are hiring professionals to get the job done. They should be able to help guide you and answer your questions.



  1. What is the best option for shipping my goods to the ABC islands?


Before you choose how you are going to ship your goods, you should ask and see if ocean shipping is the right choice. For some goods, shipping by sea may be the best option. For others, using an air service may be the better option. The type of goods, the time frame and the budget you have to work with will determine whether using container shipping to the Caribbean is the right choice.

Container shipping to the Dutch Caribbean

  1. What route will my ocean freight be taking when using container shipping to the Caribbean?


The answer to this question will give you an idea of where your goods will travel before they get to you.
Say you are using a provider for container shipping to Sint Maarten but realize that your goods will be stopping in two different locations before it arrives. This may affect whether or not you would use that provider.
* Is price more important than transit time or is it necessary that your cargo arrive in the shortest possible time?
This can be a function of product shelf life, competitiveness of the market and many other variables that will help you decide which service is the better option.


  1. How much time will it take from departure to the time I get my shipment?


All cargo is precious and it is essential to know when your shipment is arriving. For example, if you have purchased a car in Florida and are looking to use container shipping to Aruba to deliver your vehicle, you must understand the time lines involved. By knowing when your shipment is expected to arrive, you can make any necessary arrangements to clear Aruba Customs and take delivery of your car as soon as possible.

container shipping to the ABC Islands

  1. What are the rates and are there hidden fees?


For almost all customers, this is one of, if not the most important question. There is a real need to understand the costs and potential hidden fees. These aren’t hidden fees, they are simply fees that can arise due to late pickups, extra duties, etc. Understanding all of the fees is crucial to staying on budget for your container shipping needs  to the Caribbean.



  1. How do I avoid all delays possible?


There are delays that are uncontrollable, such as weather delays. Other delays are avoidable and are often costly if they do occur. Ask your shipping container service provider what they need from you to ensure there are no avoidable delays. These can be the product of simple mistakes such as not being registered in the proper systems to be invoiced for goods or having out of date contact information. Making sure to speak with your ocean freight provider to understand what they need from you will create a smooth and enjoyable shipping experience. And having a Customs’ Broker engaged to avoid overseas delays that can get very costly


Asking these questions will give you the confidence to know that you are using the right service for your shipping needs and that you will be able to receive your goods without unnecessary delay or incurring extra fees.

Container shipping to the Caribbean

Bon Trade has been providing businesses and individuals the opportunity to leverage their container shipping to the Caribbean for all of their freight and cargo needs to the ABC Islands and Sint Maarten for almost 40 years. Contact Bon Trade to inquire about using ocean freight services today, and Register to be in their system for when you are ready to ship. You will not get better logistical advice and assistance for these markets from anyone else.



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