How Maritime Shipping Service is Indispensable

August 21, 2021 Ocean Cargo

INTERNATIONAL Maritime Shipping SERVICE Is Indispensable to the Modern World

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The phone in your hand, the clothes on your back and the materials used in the building of your home. What do they all have in common? They likely have all been out to sea during the journey.  From raw material to finished product.  And they arrived at their destination by means of International Maritime Shipping Service.

It is often easy to overlook the critical importance of the international maritime shipping industry. The majority of people don’t ever see, hear, feel or interact with the industry directly. But they are indirectly influenced by it every single day of their lives. It affects what they buy, how they buy it  and the cost of their purchases.  Even their standard of living is directly impacted by this worldwide transport behemoth.

Maritime Shipping to the ABC islands, in the Caribbean, is obviously important to the inhabitants.  It is all around them and they can see the ships arriving almost daily.  However, in places like Ardmore, Oklahoma or Zermatt, Switzerland it may not be as easy to realize how important the cargo ships at sea are to their regular purchases.

Bulk Shipping

Could maritime shipping really be indispensable to the modern world? How much does the maritime shipping industry contribute to the modern way of life? Consider this:


Maritim Shipping is the largest driver of global commerce


According to Statista, 80% of goods are transported by sea. Maritime Shipping Service transports 4 out of every 5 items that are moved worldwide! There is no other industry on the planet that comes close to being as important to the continuing prosperity of all nations.


maritime shipping Helps raise the standard of living in developing countries



For those living in developing countries the maritime shipping industry often is the only
avenue to get their goods out to the international market. The low overall cost of maritime
shipping has allowed those living in developing countries to trade more cost-effectively,
raising the standard of living of those living and working there.

When their goods get purchased and shipped, they, in turn, redistribute that money locally
through their communities, creating a positive ripple effect. It is indeed true that a rising tide
raises all ships!


it Creates thousands of solid careers in every port city worldwide


This is a short list of the industries that thrive because of the maritime shipping industry.

  • Sailors
  • Port Workers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Logistics Software Development (Like Magaya, the system used at Bon Trade Intl.)
  • Import/Export Companies
  • Shipping Companies (Like Bon Trade Intl.)
  • Support Staff for Ports (Security, Custodial, Food and Beverage etc.)

It also lowers the cost of goods through lower transport costs


Outside of Maritime Shipping Service, the only other option for international trade is using air service. Imagine the cost of any product that needed to have any or all of its components delivered by air! This would make international trade far more expensive and unprofitable for certain industries, leading to less competition and higher prices across many sectors of commerce.

       Shipping by Barge

Rail and truck service are available, and used for international delivery, in some parts of the world. But generally they are mostly used for inland distribution and more expensive per mile.


ocean shipping Allows countries the opportunity to export their goods and import needed goods


For countries needing to offload their excess raw materials, such as grain, oil and lumber Maritime Shipping is the only feasible way. To move such large volumes consistently, countries need a sustainable, efficient and reliable partner for export and import. With it’s long history and it’s record of continuous improvement, maritime shipping is the best choice to move goods worldwide.


maritime shipping is One of the safest ways to transport goods for trade worldwide


Between the years 2008 and 2019, the amount of cargo lost during maritime shipping was only 1/1000th of the total value shipped. The actual number is 0.0006%!

Maritime Shipping Service is overall the safest way to transport and deliver goods world wide  It is the central hub of global trade.

The livelihoods and quality of life of almost every person on the planet is directly or indirectly affected by the Maritime Shipping Industry. That makes maritime shipping indispensable to the modern world.


Bon Trade makes maritime shipping easy to the ABC islands and Sint Maarten. Contact Bon Trade Intl today to discuss your maritime shipping needs.

Bon Trade Intl. Corp. was founded in 1984 to be a service company in support of the export trade to the Caribbean from South Florida, The Gateway to the Caribbean and South America.

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